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My fishing area

Brest harbor

A magnificent harbour, ideal for beginners or improving!

One of the most famous areas in France for sea bream fishing, I will show you how to fish them with tenya. All other fishing techniques can be practiced (jig, hard lures, soft lures), you just have to tell me your desires. Frequent species: - Sea bream – Snapper – Bass – Mackerel – Red mullet – Cuttlefish – Squid - Old

 Archipelago of Molène/Ouessant (for the day)

The wide ! A total change of scenery, a feeling of calm, which can quickly turn into an adrenaline rush with a record fish, a magical place for anglers! In addition to harbor fish, we can target pollack in vertical fishing. Frequent species: Fish present in the harbor but also pollack (yellow and black) - Cod

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