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A few tips...

To make the most of the guide and for your safety, the day before the outing try to have a good night's sleep, avoid the evenings until the early morning.

Take onegood breakfastin the morning or bring a snack with you (drink, fruit, cereal bar, etc.).

If you think you are prone to seasickness plan to take pills against it, to take before the exit.

Plan forwarm clothes! We are losing degrees at sea and the wind can quickly make you cold. The boat has storage, your belongings that are not in use will be stored there.

plancap, sunglasses, sunscreen, water.

Food is not provided, if you choose the day service plan your lunch.

As far as is reasonable, respecting the rules in force, you will be able to keep some fish. Remember to bring a (solid) bag to carry them.  

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