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Services and prices

Sea fishing in the harbor or offshore

  • Half-day in the harbor of Brest : 120 Euros per person  (about 4 to 5 hours).

  • Day in the harbor of Brest: 210 Euros per person  (9 to 10 am approximately).

  • Offshore day: 260 Euros per person  (around 10 a.m.)

For your comfort, these services are limited to 2 fishermen on the boat. However, if you wish to make an outing with 3 or even 4 people, please contact me beforehand (decreasing prices).


You want to be alone for the outing, you can privatize the boat:

  • 200 Euros for half a day

  • 370 Euros the day in harbor

  • 470 Euros per day offshore



Would you like to be accompanied on your own boat?

  • 40 Euros per hour on your boat (+10 Euros per additional person) and minimum 3 hours


Initiation to seaside fishing (reserved for beginners)

  • Learn to tie knots,  to read the sea, know the basics of fishing...
    30 Euros per hour per person - Minimum session of 3 hours

Want to please one of your loved ones? Think about the gift voucher!

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