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Terms of Sales


The term "Contract" refers to the contract concluded between the Client and Ar Mor Fishing.


The term "Stakeholder" refers to the professional, professional fishing guide.


The term "Ar Mor Fishing" refers to the sole proprietorship Maxime Léon, whose head office is located at 14 rue de Bel-Air, 29 217 Plougonvelin, and registered under Siret number 894 953 652 00019.


The term "Site" refers to the website, operated by Ar Mor Fishing.


Object of the contract


The Contract details the respective rights and obligations of Ar Mor Fishing and its Customers in the context of the sale and provision of services for the supervision and support of sport fishing activities by boat.


General conditions of sale to individuals


These general conditions of sale:

  • Detail the rights and obligations of Ar Mor Fishing and its Customers within the framework of the services provided by Ar Mor Fishing.

  • Applies to all contracts entered into with Customers

  • For private individuals only (professionals must contact Ar Mor Fishing in order to conclude a suitable contract)


Any service performed by Ar Mor Fishing implies the Customer's unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.


The Customer acknowledges having read the general conditions of sale and declares to accept them in full and without reservation, as soon as they are readable on the site.


Any condition contrary to the general conditions of sale will be, in the absence of express acceptance, unenforceable against Ar Mor Fishing regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention.

 Ar Mor Fishing regularly updates its general terms and conditions of sale so that they best meet the expectations of Customers and the legislation in force. The general conditions of sale that will apply to the Customer's Contract will be those accessible on the Site. The latter will be considered as having been approved by the Customer, unless otherwise indicated by the latter within two (2) weeks.


The Customer is authorized to reproduce the general conditions of sale accessible on the Site.




Ar Mor Fishing offers supervision, support and training sessions in sport fishing by boat, as part of sports, physical and well-being activities. All sessions are provided by an experienced and qualified professional speaker.


The Intervener provides training in sport fishing.


The duration of a service is defined according to the customer's choice from among the formulas offered on the website. Each service includes:

  • Home

  • The equipment of personal safety equipment

  • Description of the session

  • Quick training in the use of VHF, GPS

  • Transport to the fishing area

  • The act of fishing


Organization and Planning


Sessions are booked directly with the fishing guide instructor, who sets the meeting place. In the case of a group session, all participants must go to this meeting place.


Delay, absence cancellation and suspension


Customers are required to respect the defined schedules. Once reserved, an outing cannot be canceled and will remain due. It can however be moved according to the availability of the Intervener and only if the postponement of the session is requested by the Client at least 48 hours in advance. Any delay by the Client will automatically be deducted from the session time.


If the Intervener is late, he must make up for lost time at the end of the outing.


A sea fishing trip can be canceled by Ar Mor Fishing up to two (2) hours before the start of the trip due to bad weather conditions. In the event of cancellation, Clients will receive a call (or, in the absence of an answer, an SMS) and the session will be postponed.


Ar Mor Fishing cannot be held responsible for a delay in the performance of the service in the event of force majeure: atmospheric disaster, accident... In this case, the Customer will be notified as soon as possible and the session will be postponed.


Physical condition


The Customer is required to be in a physical condition compatible with the practice of sport fishing at sea.


Under no circumstances can Ar Mor Fishing be held responsible for:

  • Worsening of an undeclared symptom due to sailing conditions (back pain, joint pain, low back pain, sciatica, etc.).

  • The appearance of an allergic phenomenon (to the sun, to salt) or any other disease or sensitivity not declared beforehand.


Rules of procedure


The Customer must wear clothing suitable for the practice of an outdoor nautical activity. Warm clothes are necessary on the water.


The Customer must take all necessary precautions to ensure his health and safety. He must also respect the Intervener's instructions in this regard.


The shortening of the service for medical emergency, medical problem or seasickness will not give rise to a refund of the service (please take your precautions if you are or think you are prone to seasickness).


Any request to return to port before the end of a sea trip, made by one or more people within a group divided between several people who do not know each other, will be subject to:

  • From a request for common agreement of all the participants

  • Compensation for the additional fuel consumption of Ar Mor Fishing if the rest of the group wishes an extension of the service, in compensation for the time lost during the return to port


Ar Mor Fishing may, without notice or compensation, terminate the Contract of any Customer whose attitude or behavior is contrary to morality, embarrassing, unacceptable or dangerous.


Ar Mor Fishing cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or submersion of equipment or objects belonging to customers.


The materials and equipment provided by Ar Mor Fishing are lent. They are entrusted to the participant who becomes responsible for them for the duration of the service. Any damage may result in repair or replacement costs. As such, the participant is advised to ensure that his personal civil liability insurance policy covers any damage caused during a recreational fishing service at sea from a boat. The participant is free to use his personal equipment under his own responsibility without being able to claim any reduction or compensation from Ar Mor Fishing. 

Duration and continuation of the Contract


The Contract ends:

  • When the session(s) have been carried out

  • or when the time to perform the sessions has expired but all the sessions have not been performed due to an act or omission of the Client


In the event of partial performance of the Contract, the full price remains due to Ar Mor Fishing, unless this partial performance results from an act or omission by Ar Mor Fishing.


No cause of suspension or termination of the Contract by the Customer is accepted, except in the event of force majeure: medical reason or accident. In this case, Ar Mor Fishing will reimburse him for the costs he would have incurred for outings that he will not be able to follow.



Rates and terms of payment


The price of the service is guaranteed for the duration of the Contract.


Prices are displayed in euros (€) all taxes included.


The Customer agrees to pay Ar Mor Fishing in accordance with the dates and terms of payment indicated on the website (before the start of the service). Check payable to Maxime Leon, cash, bank transfer (bank details provided on request) or online payment from the website.


Insurance and responsibilities


Ar Mor Fishing advises each Customer to take out bodily injury insurance related to physical and sporting activity covering him for his own physical integrity.

Ar Mor Fishing has taken out insurance covering damages engaging its professional liability.


The responsibility of Ar Mor Fishing can only be called into question in the event of demonstration of a causal link between a gross negligence committed by Ar Mor Fishing in the execution of the Contract and the damage suffered by the Customer.


The responsibility of Ar Mor Fishing cannot be sought in particular:

  • In the event of an accident resulting from the Customer's failure to comply with the Intervener's instructions.

  • In the event of an accident occurring outside the sessions or advice provided by the Intervener.

  • In case of force majeure 

  • In case of empty-handed

The Customer will be liable in the event of degradation or material or bodily damage resulting from a voluntary or involuntary act on his part.


Any material broken by the Customer (with the exception of lures) must be reimbursed by the latter to Ar Mor Fishing.


The Customer agrees to guarantee and pay for the judgments and legal costs that may be incurred or charged to Ar Mor Fishing due to faults, breaches or other acts occurring due to the Customer.


Personal data


When registering, the Customer provides mandatory personal data necessary for registration and performance of the service. They may only be used for commercial communication purposes by Ar Mor Fishing after the Customer's agreement.


The Customer may object to the processing of data concerning him. He can also object to the use of his personal data for the purpose of commercial communication by e-mail, using the link that appears on each e-mail message sent.


The opposition of a Customer to the use of his personal data deprives him of information relating to the commercial offers of Ar Mor Fishing.


Ar Mor Fishing can take photographs and videos during the activities. Unless otherwise specified by the Client when signing the contract, these images may be used in brochures, on the website, Facebook and in all documents promoting the activity.


  For any request or complaint, the Customer must contact:


Ar Mor Fishing
14 rue de Bel-Air - 29217 Plougonvelin
Telephone: 06 74 96 11 26

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